Welcome to the MacFarlane Psychology Group. We are a small psychology and psychotherapy clinic, with offices in Copenhagen and Aarhus. We focus on offering high quality psychotherapy services in English and Spanish, by therapists who, themselves have had significant cultural and language experiences outside of Denmark.

My name is Peter MacFarlane, and I would like to invite you to take a look around our website. Our goal is to offer the best psychological services to the expat community here in Copenhagen, and soon also in Århus. We are a small group of dedicated and experienced therapists who have teamed together to do just that. Between us we have many years of experience helping internationals and expats with the concerns and difficulties they face in their day to day lives. 

You can read much more about types of difficulties in the "Treatment" menu. Similarly, if you want to read more about a specific therapist, then take a look in the "Therapists" menu.

Click on the video below to hear more about our practice.

Today's thoughts

We are excited to welcome Daniela, a well trained and skilled psychotherapist, who speaks Spanish, into the group. You can read more about here below and on her page under the Therapist menu above.

I am similarly thrilled to have opened a clinic in Århus. Now we can offer psychological services in English there as well.