Group Therapy

New groups are forming now!

Group therapy, much like any psychotherapy treatment, is wildly different from what is portrayed in popular media. Group therapy is often a very viable and helpful alternative to individual therapy.

Together with a therapist, small groups get together every 1-2 weeks and engage in a process of therapy, where all members give and receive help and advice, and find new ways of understanding themselves, relating to others, and dealing with difficult past events or current troubles. Group therapy is a powerful process of healing, in part through recognition of not being alone, and that others may have had similar experiences.

The therapist supports and guides the members by bringing up a theme or asking open ended questions. Once you feel safe within the group you can begin to open up, sometimes with gentle prompting. Listening to others can be just as therapeutic as sharing your own concerns.

Each group meeting is 90 minutes, and costs dkr. 500,-.

Please feel free to get in contact with us, should you have any questions about this approach. Before starting in a group, you will have an opportunity to meet with one of the group therapists, for a one-on-one meeting.