It can be difficult to come in for therapy for the first time. We strive to make this experience as comfortable as possible. However, most people are very relieved that they came and can now start taking steps towards bettering their situation.

Welcome to the MacFarlane Psychology Group. We are three experienced therapists who offer psychotherapy in English to the expat community in Copenhagen. We specialize in individual psychotherapy for children and adults, as well as couples therapy. We are focused on offering these services in English, and one of us also offers couples therapy (parterapi) in Danish (or mixed Danish and English). 

You can read much more about treatment options under the "Treatment" menu above. Similarly, if you want to read more about a specific therapist, then take a look the "Therapists" menu. 

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Today's thoughts

Therapeutic alliance research

A recent article in Psychotherapy, again indicates very strongly the utility of the alliance in the therapeutic process. Negotiation and agreement about the goals of therapy is very important to the outcome of therapy. Reaching agreement and clarity on what you would like to get out of therapy, and how you may get there, is directly related to how succesful your therapy will be. As a current or new client, it really is in your best interest to engage in this process with your therapist. 

- Peter