Starting in therapy is sometimes difficult. However, we try to make this experience as comfortable as possible. Therapy is a place where you can start taking steps towards bettering your situation, dealing with your difficulties, and get tools to move forward again.

Welcome to the MacFarlane Psychology Group. We are four experienced therapists who offer psychotherapy in English to the expat community in Copenhagen. We offer therapy to kids and adults, individuals and couples.

You can read much more about treatment options under the "Treatment" menu. Similarly, if you want to read more about a specific therapist, then take a look in the "Therapists" menu.

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Today's thoughts

Couples Therapy

We have an expert Couples Therapist here at the Group. Her name is Hanne-Berit Hahnemann, and she is in the unique position to be able to offer couples therapy, not only in Danish or in English, but has an indepth and lived understanding of Danish and other cultures, and can therefore offer something quite unique to couples of "mixed" backgrounds. These insights have considerable impact on her ability to mediate and see issues from more than a single cultural background. If you are looking for couples therapy, take a look at her page and the couples therapy page for more information.