Starting in therapy is sometimes difficult. However, we try to make this experience as comfortable as possible. Therapy is a place where you can start taking steps towards bettering your situation, dealing with your difficulties, and get tools to move forward again.

Welcome to the MacFarlane Psychology Group. We are four experienced therapists who offer psychotherapy in English to the expat community in Copenhagen. We offer therapy to kids and adults, individuals and couples.

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Today's thoughts

Does therapy really work?

"Averaged over all mental health professionals, of the 426 people who were feeling very poor when they began therapy, 87% were feeling very good, good, or at least so-so by the time of the survey." (Seligman, 1995.)

"Of the 786 people who were feeling fairly poor at the outset, 92% were feeling very good, good, or at least so-so by the time of the survey." (Seligman, 1995.)

"Long-term therapy produced more improvement than short-term therapy." (Seligman, 1995.)

"The advantages of long-term treatment by a mental health professional held not only for the specific problems that led to treatment, but for a variety of general functioning scores as well: ability to relate to others, coping with everyday stress, enjoying life more, personal growth and understanding, self-esteem and confidence." (Seligman, 1995.)

"Active shoppers and active clients did better in treatment than passive recipients (determined by responses to "Was it mostly your idea to seek therapy? When choosing this therapist, did you discuss qualifications, therapist's experience, discuss frequency, duration, and cost, speak to someone who was treated by this therapist, check out other therapists? During therapy, did you try to be as open as possible, ask for explanation of diagnosis and unclear terms, do homework, not cancel sessions often, discuss negative feelings toward therapist?")." (Seligman, 1995.)

So yes, Therapy works! 87 to 92% of those seeking treatment, improved significantly. Long term is better than short term, but short term works pretty well too. Furthermore, therapy works beyond the specific problems to include stress, life enjoyment, self-esteem, etc. And, finally, active participation in your therapy will yield better results.

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