Therapy is a place where you can start taking steps towards bettering your situation, dealing with your difficulties, and get tools to start moving forward again.

My name is Peter MacFarlane, and I would like to invite you to take a look around our website. We are four experienced therapists who offer psychotherapy in English to the expat community in Copenhagen. We offer therapy to kids and adults, individuals and couples.

You can read much more about types of difficulties in the "Treatment" menu. Similarly, if you want to read more about a specific therapist, then take a look in the "Therapists" menu.

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Today's thoughts


Being addicted to a substance or behavior can be immensely destructive, both to the individuals and the people around them. Whether it is substance use, over-eating,  social media, porn, or several other difficult and uncontrolled habits, we can likely help, or refer you on to someone who can.