You may be struggling, feel sad, anxious or disconnected, or feel like you are stuck in repeating patterns that you can't seem to break out of, no matter how much you try.

When going to see a therapist, it is vital that you are understood. Seeing someone who speaks your language and who can relate to you is important. That you see someone who is well-trained and has experience, is similarly important.

We primarily offer psychotherapy in English. We are American, Australian, Danish and Yugoslavian, and we all speak the English language at a native level. Furthermore, we rely on each other's experience, learn from each other, and coach each other. You can learn more about each of us and the services we offer through the menu above.

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Today's thoughts

What you look for you will find.

In other words, if you look for the negative, then you are more likely to find it. Here's an example of this phenomena. If, when considering buying a new car, you are particularly interested in getting a Jeep. Then I can almost guarantee that Jeeps will suddenly start to pop up everywhere. Similarly, it may seem that bad luck is out there in abundance. And sometimes you will find exactly the opposite if you can look in a different direction.
A negative inner dialogue is often at the core of depression and anxiety. When we have a negative focus, we miss out on the very things that could potentially begin to thaw a depressive episode or that could wrestle the focus away from debilitating anxious thought patterns. When grappling with a depressed or anxious mood, this might feel overwhelmingly difficult at first, but as Martin Luther King said: you don’t have to see the whole staircase, just keep taking one step and the rest will gradually appear.
- Hanne-Berit